Healthbeds Naples 4000

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The new Naples collection features the New Healthbeds-Chill Fabric. What is this? Cooling- Coolsoft fibre developed in Japan, is a new cooling heat dissipation fibre. It is produced by adding fine particles of high quality natural mica ore to the fibre polymer prior to fire extrusion. These fine mica ore particles are evenly dispersed in the fibre, producing a cold functional fibre with softness and durability.

It has excellent thermal conductivity, and it can produce a difference of 3-5℃ of cool feeling comparing to the ambient temperature after contact with the fabric.

It has excellent moisture conductivity, it can quickly absorb and evaporate sweat, and keep the skin dry and comfortable.

It is antistatic and difficult to be contaminated by dust and other microorganism; it can also resist damage from ultraviolet light.

All headboards and bases are available in a range of textures and colours. 

Estimated Delivery 4 weeks