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Elevate your living space with the Tennessee Oak Collection.

Meticulously crafted to blend classic charm with contemporary flair. The washed oak finish and sleek chrome handles redefine sophistication, making every piece a statement of style and quality.

Available with a 160cm and a 120cm fixed dining table. The full occasional collection includes coffee tables, side tables, and more, all designed to seamlessly complement your living spaces.


120cm Dining Table - W900 x D1200 x H750mm

160cm Dining Table - W900 D1600 H750mm

2 Door Sideboard - W400 x D1070 x H800mm

3 Door Sideboard - W450 x D1350 x H850mm

4 Door Sideboard - W450 x D1550 x H850mm

Media Unit - W900 x D350 x H850mm

High Bookcase with 2 Drawer - W350 x D900 x H1800mm

Low Bookcase with 2 Drawer - W350 x D900 x H1000mm

High Corner Cabinet - W630 x D870 x H1900mm

3 Drawer Hall Table - W330 x D1250 x H780mm

2 Drawer Hall Table - W330 x D1000 x H780mm

1 Drawer Hall Table - W330 x D750 x H780mm

Coffee Table with 1 Drawer - W500 x D1000 x H500mm

Coffee Table with Shelf - W550 x D1100 x H470mm

End Table - W500 x D500 x H500mm

End Table with Shelf - W500 x D600 x H500mm

Nest of 2 Tables - W400 x D550 x H500mm

Large TV Unit - W450 x D1150 x H500mm

Small TV Unit - W450 x D900 x H500mm

Corner TV Unit - W590 x D1000 x H640mm

Estimated Delivery 4 - 6 Weeks